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Pre-arranged funeral arrangements not only offer “peace of mind” by eliminating the burden of hurried decisions at the time of need, but also the financial security of paying today’s prices for future services thereby avoiding increased costs due to inflation. Among the biggest reasons families pre-arrange is the peace of mind that comes with knowing a spouse or child will not be left with making important decisions at a stressful time.

Most importantly, once you have made pre-need funeral arrangements with Torf Funeral Service, you will have the “peace of mind” knowing that you are dealing with a three generation family owned and operated firm that has and continues to serve the Jewish community with the utmost respect and dignity. Torf Funeral Service conducts all services in accordance with Jewish tradition as set forth by the Tripartite Commission on Jewish Funeral Standards of the Rabbinical Council of America, the Jewish Funeral Directors of America, and your personal wishes.

Torf Funeral Service offers a number of pre-payment programs for safety and security of pre-need funds. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Funeral Directing closely monitors all pre-need funds thus giving you peace of mind that your pre-funded funeral is secure. The following investment programs are utilized:

  • A regulated trust with the help of Torf Funeral Service can be established with TD Wealth Management.
  • A burial insurance policy can be purchased with the help of Torf Funeral Service through the Unity Financial Life Insurance Company for the cost of the funeral that is selected.

Both of these programs are fully compliant with all state and federal laws and regulations. It is best to discuss your individual circumstances so our funeral directors can advise you on which program is better suited for you.

For persons applying for Medicaid it is required that you pre-arrange and pre-pay for your funeral arrangements. This will secure these funds and not allow them to be part of your countable assets for Medicaid purposes. Once completed, these funds are irrevocable and cannot be accessed for any purpose other than paying for funeral services.

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